Dormer Loft Conversions Birmingham.

One of the most common types of loft conversions in Birmingham is a dormer loft conversion.
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A dormer loft conversion is usually built out of the existing slope of the roof and provides a cost effective way to add extra space to your property. Some types of dormer loft conversions in Birmingham can result in up to 50 cubic metres of additional space, depending on the type of house and the size and style of the extension. In addition, much of the work involved can be carried out from scaffolding outside your home, making for minimal disruption when compared to most other types of home extension.

What is a dormer loft conversion?

A dormer loft conversion is when a pitched roof is converted into a box shaped structure, creating walls that sit at a 90 degree angle to the floor. This helps increase space in your loft making it more easily liveable.
Dormer loft conversions in Birmingham are an extension structure which is built to protrude from the existing sloping roof to create more usable space with additional headroom, meaning that a cramped loft can become a larger, airy room with the new dormer windows providing transformative natural light. There are several different types of dormer loft conversion and the one most suited to your property will depend on your type of house (terraced, semi-detached, detached) and your existing roof shape.

Types of Dormer Conversion

The flat roof dormer loft conversion is a simple structure that can be added to the front and/or rear of the loft. It provides a fairly simple way to expand the usable space in the loft, increasing head height and providing lots of natural light afforded by the dormer windows.

The shed roof dormer loft conversion is similar to the flat roof option but its roof slopes down at an angle slightly, may be constructed with different materials and is usually more suited to homes with a gable roof.

The gable fronted dormer loft conversion, which is sometimes also known as a dog-house dormer is a more complex solution consisting of a gable wall extension which is built upwards to meet the current ridge line, with a new sloping roof section also built towards the new gable end.

A hipped roof dormer loft conversion is an extension where the roofs slope on all three sides of the structure, often an aesthetically pleasing look especially suited to properties in some styles, but this type of dormer construction results in less usable space in the new loft than for example, a flat roof dormer.

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Do dormer loft conversions in Birmingham require planning permission?

In most cases, dormer loft conversions in Birmingham do not require planning permission as long as they fall within the permitted development (PD) conditions for your type of house. If your home is a maisonette or flat or falls within a conservation area or heritage site then different rules apply as to permitted developments.

How much does it cost for a dormer loft conversion?

Stunning Looks & Functionality

The cost of a dormer loft conversion in Birmingham will vary greatly depending on the size, complexity, fixtures and fittings of the proposed work. The average cost of a standard dormer loft conversion starts at around £25k but a surveyor will need to visit your home and discuss your requirements in detail before providing an accurate quote.

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