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On average a loft conversion or attic extension could add up to 20% extra value to your home, that could be a lot of extra money right? Well on average in the UK that is close to £42,000 which could be added onto the overall value of your property! We at Midlands Loft Conversions have been converting old storage space lofts into stunning bedrooms, living areas and adding a real value to your property for years now.

There are various different kinds of loft conversions that Midlands Loft Conversions can offer to build for your home in Birmingham. What we have found is that the most popular type of conversion is a roofline loft conversion. Some of the other main ones are a mansard conversion, a dormer conversion, and the hip-to-gable conversion. There are three main factors that need to be carefully considered when choosing your type of loft conversion. These three areas include the actual floor area of the existing space, what you want to achieve upon completion and finally if you would actually be given the planning permission (if applicable).

Beneath are 3D representations to give an overall idea and look at the multiple different types of loft conversions that are availible however these are not to scale.

Roofline Loft Conversion

The Roofline conversion is the most common type of loft conversion that we offer to do. When getting this kind of loft conversion done it is unnecessary for any modifications to be done to the actual roof. Velux windows will be installed on the current roof, this is by far the most cost efficient to transform your loft into actual usable space. Another reason why these kind of conversions are popular is that more often than not you don’t need planning permission and the final result can also be accomplished in a short amount of time.

Dormer Loft Conversion

The Dormer loft conversion is also an extremely popular kind of conversion with a lot of our customers in Birmingham. In order for a dormer loft conversion to be achieved a vertical wall must be built. This wall will go up from the inner bottom hand corner of the current roof and will have a flat roof on the top of it. This kind of conversion provides the maximum amount of head room that is possible for a loft conversion. The dormer loft conversion doesn’t usually require you to have any planning permission and also allows you to have a hipped and or gable roof to suit your specific loft.

Hip To Gable Loft Conversion

The hip to gable loft conversion will increase the amount of loft space for properties which have a current hipped roof. This means that the sloped side of the roof will be changed into an upright gable end so that the inner space will be increased and maximized. However, planning permission could be required for a hip to gable kind of loft conversion. But we can oversee the liaisons with local authorities alongside the planning permission on behalf of you.

Mansard Loft Conversion

The Mansard loft conversion if a more frequent choice of conversion in the more built up areas of Birmingham. When choosing this kind of conversion the gable wall/party wall is actually adapted to give an almost vertical looking wall. Next, a timber framework will be added in order to complete the new structure. After this dormer windows will be added to the main outer face which will allow vast amounts of light to go into the new space that has been built. More often than not local authority permission is needed for this type of loft conversion. Like always Midlands Loft Conversions will deal with all of this on behalf of you.

L Shaped Dormer Loft Conversion

This type of loft conversion is becoming more and more popular in Birmingham and The West Midlands. This is because people live in very densely populated areas and would rather increase the current space in their house rather than moving into a new property. This kind of conversion gives a vast increase in room and quite often gives enough room for more than only just one room. It is not always possible for every kind of property to have an L shaped kind of conversion, however, if you feel as though your house is suitable for it and would like to discuss things further, contact us today.

Custom Loft Conversions

If none of these options in the examples are suitable for your house or you have a different kind of vision for a loft extension, well don’t worry. All of our loft conversions are customized for every kind of customer and us at Midlands Loft Conversions have all of the skills and experience to work on any type, size and shape of loft conversion. We also help you throughout the full process all the way from initial ideas to the planning permission and the specific designs. If you have a loft that is a little bit away from the ordinary, contact us today and you will get a first-hand experience on how we can help you transform it into something stunning.


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